Here are 5 easy steps to help you stay on top of your finances.

  • Create a Budget – A realistic budget will keep you focused on your goals. The key to creating a budget is to stick to the budget. Maintaining a focus on that budget and avoiding distractions will keep the company from over spending or unnecessary spending.
  • Track Spending – Tracking spending keeps your finances organized.  It tells you how and where your money is spent. Design a system whereby you can track every dollar coming in and going out of your company.
  • Pay Bills on Time – Paying bills on time builds a good credit history.  It also eliminates extra fees and late charges that are not accounted for in the initial budget.
  • Keep Joint Accounts Balanced – If more than one user is on an account, ensure there are mechanisms in place whereby each user is informing the other of their usage to avoid over-drawing.
  • Establish Savings – As with your personal finances, setting savings aside for your business is also a great practice.  There should be funds set aside for that rainy day.


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