Meet Vanessa K

Vanessa offers her clients over 32 years of experience in the financial and real estate industry. Currently, she is the Princiapal and CEO of Turnkee Property Solutions. TPS is an investments and marketing company servicing investors throughout NC. TPS specializes in property searches and business solutions.

Vanessa has a passion for everything real estate, so it was a natural progression for her to obtain her real estate license and bring her energy and dedication to the field. Vanessa is an NC licensed Real Estate Broker affiliated with Team Anderson Realty.  She is certified in Short Sales & Foreclosures (SFR) and Real Estate Investing (REI).

Polishing her expertise in real estate, Vanessa has authored two books, “The Complete Guide to Buying a Home” and “My Secret Wealth of Information for any Seller. ”Vanessa, also known as Vanessa K, is a co-host and radio personality on the Business 411 talk show on Choice 92.10 FM aired every Saturday @ 9:00 a.m.

As a domestic violence survivor, Vanessa’s ultimate plight is to develop and build a non-profit reformation program, including transitional housing for domestic violence victims. The need is ever-increasing, and the current systems do not provide enough support, so she is looking to help fund this project through her love of real estate.

Vanessa enjoys traveling, trying new foods, reading a good book, or engaging in a well-written drama series.

Vanessa K: Co-Host


Meet B Money

Brian Scott is the CEO of Brian Scott Digital, providing business strategy, web design, and digital marketing services to small business owners.

He is also a professional public speaker (over 1,500 presentations) and has spoken in front of audiences at Coca-Cola, The University of Georgia, Home Depot, and the Georgia World Congress Center. Brian is currently working on a new book titled “The 5 Keys to Business Success.”

Early in his career, Brian worked as an Education Specialist/Coordinator for the RI Educational Talent Search Program. His responsibilities included life and study skills workshops, SAT prep, financial aid, and scholarship assistance. During this time, Brian was instrumental in placing over 500 Providence Public High School students into post-secondary institutions such as; Brown University, Michigan State, Howard University, University of Rhode, and Bryant College.

He’s been interviewed by several magazines and newspapers, such as Jet Magazine, The Providence Journal, The Atlanta Constitution, and Cross Roads News (a local magazine in the Atlanta metro area).

Brian provides strategies to help make your business or organization thrive. He also offers consulting services to non-profits and school departments.

Brian is also known as B Money.  B Money serves as a co-host and radio personality on the “Business 411” radio show aired on Choice 92.10 FM.

He lives in Lithonia, Georgia but has a passion for working with the younger generation and their families in his hometown of Providence, RI.

B Money: Co-Host

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